Here you will find documents that will help you prepare for your appointment and help you to maximize your tax results.
Note: Clients who wish to download these documents directly may do so by clicking the "down-arrow" button to the right of each document

2014 Returning Client Checklist
This checklist is designed for our regular clients and is continuously updated.  Please check it to make sure you are up-to-date and prepared with what is needed to prepare your returns. 

Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Exemptions
These lists are for clients who did not maintain "Minimum Essential Coverage" for all 12 months of the year.  They the exemptions that clients may be eligible for and how clients can apply for such exemptions.  If you intend to use a "MARKETPLACE" Exemption, you must apply for it at BEFORE your tax appointment.  The first document is a fairly-straightforward chart and the second document contains essentially the same information in a somewhat more detailed fashion.  These two checklists were obtained from and, respectively.

New Client - Previous Year Review Tax Checklist
This checklist is designed for new clients who have never used our services before. We highly recommend setting up a preliminary appointment in January so that we may get to know the new client and review their previously filed tax returns.

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